Digital Firearm Sight    

The number one difference you should know about the ONEAIM digital firearms sight, is that it is an intelligent aiming device. It isn¨t an optical riflescope that has an added LCD screen. That¨s what separates us from all of the existing scopes on the market. ONEAIM has custom built, integrated circuit boards inside, powering it¨s very own CPU. We are so excited to tell you that our brand new firearm sight can replace the one you currently have. No matter what brand it is! So the time has come to say goodbye to all of the traditional sights and scopes, very similar to how we said goodbye to the old style optical cameras. Remember them?


The ONEAIM firearm sight comes in many different styles. The first style to be launched has 1X-18X scopes. The next two to be launched will have scopes of 1X-36X, and 1X-50X. And we don¨t plan to stop there. Our research teams are hard at work exploring even more advanced options. And remember, the magnification is purely optical. Digital magnification isn¨t used in our scopes.

While we can¨t share all of the technical details with you at this time, once our product is launched, all of the exciting details will be released to the public. We currently have patents pending in the United States, Canada, EU, and Russia. Once we are given the full permission needed, we will unleash all of the details to the world!


  Your target from 200 yards away  
    1X   18X 36X    



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